Turning 40 ... with the 80s

Turning 40 today wasn't so bad with a little help from my friends from across South Carolina, as well as family, co-workers, students and faculty members. There I was, in an 80s throwback outfit: Rayban sunglasses, Members Only jacket, skinny tie and Vans checkerboard shoes, getting roasted by friends and family.

In another flashback to teenage days, the cops got called and three cars of guests were wrecked (and kudos to Congressman Tim Scott for keeping a rather upset elderly driver company for most of the time he was visiting at the event). But in this case, it wasn't the booze - just hydroplaning by cars driving by.

Here's two people in my life who made it out for the event My 12 year-old daughter Bonnie (on the right) and my nine year-old sister Kelly (on the left).

But wait, there's more. My oldest daughter Cecilia will be making me a grandparent in May or June.

Since the Dems are already taking cheap shots (no doubt mad at not getting invited to the party) at Scott for his attempt to sing Journey, may as well share the video of the performance:

SCGOP Chair Karen Floyd roasting me, pointing out the high cost of messing around in my work zones (the last one I caught doing that got her ass thrown out of office).

Here's Moye Graham, the legendary Chair of the Clarendon County GOP, roasting me while looking for a sober captain to go out on Lake Marion:

Thanks to those of you who could make it, as well as those of you who wanted to, but couldn't. Nasty weather and cold and flu bugs are running wild these days, so not everyone could.

As always, thanks to all of you for being friends.

18 Response to "Turning 40 ... with the 80s"

  1. Georgetown Conservative 6/2/11 10:14
    Happy b-day Earl. I see our resident liberal cry-baby Jamie Sanderson (shamderson) is attacking Tim Scott for being there. Jamie sure is a class (less) act. Thanks for keeping up to date with your site.

    Georgetown County Conservative
  2. earlcapps 6/2/11 10:34
    I've never had any dealings with Sanderson before this, but I think it says a lot when one goes on the attack over a single party.

    I'd like to add that Tim would've left sooner, but there was a wreck out front and he was keeping a pretty shaken-up elderly driver company to make sure she was ok.

    That's ignoring one's district, isn't it?

    I didn't know Sanderson before this, but I think I learned what a sniveling little shit this person is pretty quickly.
  3. Anonymous 6/2/11 17:56
    Sanderson is a little loser.
  4. Front Street Businessowner 6/2/11 21:07
    Don't waste a lot time with Jamie. He and his daddy are the two union wannabe thugs in Georgetown. And yes the leaders of the dummycrat party. Their only answer to everything is to tax the rich and give the money to them and their liberal friends. No wonder Georgetown is so much like a third world country. Georgetown will never change until the corruption and union threats are eliminated. That won't be any time soon.
  5. Anonymous 7/2/11 02:41
    Such the liar, Earl. You have dealt with me before. Right on my blog, as a matter of fact. In the comment section.

    As far as what you called me here, you can stick that up your ass. You won't say it to my face.

    But hey, you resorting to those tactics doesn't surprise me at all.
  6. earlcapps 7/2/11 05:15
    Aside from responding to your pathetic posting about my party, to which you weren't invited, I don't recall ever having commented on your website, nor have you and I ever communicated with. If I did, it wasn't often enough to stick in my mind.

    I measure "having dealings" with someone actually meeting them in person or having a significant dialogue online. We've not done that.

    A sniveling little shit goes making cheap shots and petty judgments. That's what you did about my party and my guests.

    As to saying that to your face, I would, but I guess I don't care about you enough to go to Georgetown, much less have an office there. My life involves a little more than ranting behind a computer screen, so I guess you could say I'm a little busy right now.

    But for my entertainment, would you mind elaborating about why you'd like me to say that to your face? It's no worse a cheap shot as you've taken at plenty of others, so why are you bothered?
  7. Anonymous 7/2/11 07:35
    I don't expect you to understand, seeing the fact you are the ult conservative, defending your own kind.

    My life involves more than "ranting" on the Internet, too, Earl. But I assumed since you actually do the exact same thing, you'd be willing to engage your name calling on my blog, not your home turf.

    I don't back down from challenges - or humans, Earl. Not in my nature. Especially when I know an elected official is 1) not capable of doing the job he was elected for and 2) sucks at it from the very beginning.

    And I suppose that's where it lies. You see, I am not an elected official. Nor did I campaign on jobs. Tim Scott is and did the just mentioned.

    Tim Scott was at your birthday party. That's not a cheap shot, it's a fact. I couldn't care less what you call me, just would appreciate you actually doing where the story originated.

    But hey, I proved to you I can come here and respond. No problem.

    Tim Scott is a failure as a politician. He has produced more rhetoric than action. Until that changes, I will continually call him out. As his predecessor, he cares nothing about Georgetown.

    And that's a damn shame.

    Good day, Earl.
  8. earlcapps 7/2/11 07:43
    Nor do you do a good job at campaigning, so don't give up the day job. You do have one of those, don't you?

    I defended a guest at my party. Making politics out of a brief appearance at a birthday party to which you were not invited to is pretty crass, no matter what the political affiliation of the target. But I'm not expecting uber-partisans like you would understand this.

    His appearance there would have been shorter, but he spent most of his time out front, keeping an elderly lady who had been in a pretty bad car wreck company. I guess that doesn't meet your standard of caring, does it?

    Ultra conservative? You haven't asked SCRG, Club for Growth or the Haley camp what they think about me, have you?

    There is liberal and there is just plain nasty. You, sir, are the latter.

    You need a hug, but you can rest assured that I'm NOT volunteering for the job.
  9. Richard Miler 7/2/11 07:46
    A Georgetown Democrat is not playing on the winning team. Further, this one isn't playing with a full deck either. Watch out Earl. He'll either rape you, assault you, or both. That is presuming there's no women around for him to beat up on.
  10. Anonymous 7/2/11 08:07
    I know a lot about you, Earl. Just because you challenge the extreme doesn't mean you are not in fact a ult conservative. Just you hold different principles that makes ult.

    And what do you know about me? Campaigning? I haven't run for any office. Try again.

    This isn't about me. Or you. It's about an elected official who had an opportunity to meet with the jobless in his district rather than party it up somewhere else.

    But I guess meeting with potential donors earlier last week in Pawleys Island counts. Sorry, it doesn't.

    I am not getting in to the amount of time spent there, Earl. You can do it all day long. It's a fact he shunned an important group of people in Georgetown County he has STILL yet to meet with.

    You're the one who needs hugs. Must not have gotten enough at your party.
  11. Anonymous 7/2/11 08:15
    Sanderson, the Dems you campaign for end up being losers. I watch the sad spectacle here in Georgetown every time there is an election.

    Please explain just what a Congressman is supposed to do in a two-hour period to solve all the world's problems? Certainly not as much as some union "organizer" like you can.

    What are YOU doing for jobs?
  12. mg 7/2/11 12:54
    I will tell him to his face what I think. I ain't never been scared of a Democrat or Liberal must less a Union hand. How to hell did this guy get into the party to start with. Surely he was not invited I presume. Maybe you can take a warrant out for trepassing. By the way Sanderson you know where you can shove it. Tim Scott was there on a Saturday and he has only been in office a couple of weeks. Your President has been in office over two years and he is the one you should be talking to. I presume since you know how to use a computer surely you can use a phone.
  13. Georgetown Conservative 7/2/11 13:06
    Jamie Shamderson said, "And what do you know about me? Campaigning? I haven't run for any office. Try again." Once again Jamie is challenged by the truth. Jamie supposedly started a political consulting firm. No one will hire him and no one wants him near their campaign. Heck Jamie was forced to resign from the democrat party because of his radical and loser ways. Jamie Sanderson = loser.
  14. Front Street Businessowner 7/2/11 18:47
    Earl you have run many successful campaigns. You've never heard of the infamous Jamie Sanderson? He has run so many successful campaigns. Lets see there was the campaign for uh, uh, uh. Well I'm sure he has run something successful? Oh, yea he runs a forklift at the Georgetown Steel Mill! Too funny.
  15. earlcapps 7/2/11 19:29
    Front, I couldn't tell you if he was successful in that role or not, as personnel files are confidential, but I would be interested in seeing the company's emod rating.
  16. Front Street Businessowner 7/2/11 20:38
    I was just joking. Jamie claimed to have started a company but when challenged in Georgetown he could not produce a company name or registration. Just another Jamie Sanderson lie. But then again those of us who know Jamie understand he is a liar just like his father is a documented liar.
  17. TTSSYF 8/2/11 12:01
    Jamie Sanderson said...

    Such the liar, Earl.

    Hey Earl there is website in Georgetown called citizensreport.com Jamie is there constantly whinning that no one should be allowed to use the work LIAR about him or his daddy. Yet here he is on your site calling you a liar with no proof. Jamie Sanderson is a little sniveling shit sure enough. And a proven liar.
  18. Angela Still 18/2/11 12:13
    Why don't you two just duke it out in person?

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