A Clarendon Cover-up?

As the race to fill the vacant District 64 seat in the State House enters its final week, a race which was supposed to be a quiet, engineered succession by local Democratic party leaders has turned into a trail of embarassing news, including reports of political arm-twisting, angry threats and abuse of official resources, to help the Democrats hold onto a seat they had long taken for granted.

Republican Sonny Sanders will face Democratic nominee Kevin Johnson next Tuesday.

Asking "what is Kevin Johnson hiding", Sanders accused his Democratic opponent, who is Mayor of the Town of Manning, of stonewalling a FOIA request into reimbursements for expenses incurred by Johnson, pointing out that the Town did not respond to a request filed on February 24 until March 11 - nearly three weeks later - claiming they could not have the information ready until May, which would be several weeks after the special election was held.

You can see the Town of Manning's response to the FOIA request here.

The timing of this delayed release does seem suspect, but it's far from the first instance of political funny business that we've seen take place during this race.

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