Clarendon Democrats using official resources in House special election?

The Blogland has caught yet another Democrat using official resources for political activities. Today's scoundrel is Clarendon County Auditor Patricia Pringle.

The Blogland received a copy of an email sent by Pringle seeking to turn out attendees at an upcoming Democratic Party event. Several phone calls confirmed the event was intended to rally support for Democratic State House candidate Kevin Johnson, who faces Republican Sonny Sanders in an upcoming special election to fill the vacant District 64 seat in Clarendon and Williamsburg Counties.

Even funnier is that while the email didn't come to our attention until some Johnson supporters began printing it out and stuffing it in mailboxes around the district.

This special election race has become a Keystone Cops circus drama for Democrats. In any other district, the fumbles, ethical screw-ups and botched plots would doom their chances at the seat, but in District 64, they may well succeed in spite of themselves. But in a special election, such bungling is exactly what Republicans need to win the seat now, and then make it more competitive later this year during reapportionment.
The copy of the email we received displays Pringle's email address, as well as the mailing address of PO Box 697, Manning, which is listed as the official mailing address for the County Auditor. If you want to see, a copy of the email follows:

1 Response to "Clarendon Democrats using official resources in House special election?"

  1. eb 6/3/11 12:23
    There has to be a "Dr. Suess" story in here somewhere. The Honorable Paticia Pringle and the Reverend O. Donald Dingle. My God, an illiterate fool such as myself can see the story jumping off the page and rhyme time to put Jesse Jackson to shame.
    I have two comments regarding this apparent lack of common sense and intelligent thought.
    1. Alvin Greene is not the exception for black political candidates; in fact, he may be the prototypical black person running for office from the black community.
    2. In keeping with the Dr. Suess theme, I offer the following thought,"“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, And that enables you to laugh at life's realities.”" Otherwise, you would go nuts trying to figure this crap out.

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