Blogger-alien experience: Your guess?

As discussed last week, the Blogland has been informed that a South Carolina political blogger has been abducted by aliens - or at least claimed to have been.

We're hot on the trail of this mystery and hope to have news for you soon.

But in the interests of good clean fun, we're going to invite our readers to tell us who they think we'll be naming as the victim of the South Carolina Alien-Blogger experience.

2 Response to "Blogger-alien experience: Your guess?"

  1. Anonymous 20/4/11 09:19
    Earl--since Mike has been MIA for almost 2 weeks could be a possiblity. But my money is on Sic Willie...lately he's been out in left field with some of his postings. Besides his claims of a trist w/Nikki hold as much creedence as those of alien abduction...teg
  2. mg 20/4/11 15:22
    Mike Reino. Did I ever teld you about my experience.

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