Clarendon Republicans need Moye Graham

This Saturday, Clarendon County Republicans will elect a Chair to lead their party for the next two years.

Moye Graham, the current Chair, has earned another term to lead a party which is emerging as an effective alternative political voice in Clarendon County.

The recent special election for the vacant House District 64 seat was a very costly one for Democrats. Plans by many Clarendon County Democratic leaders, which is largely based in that county, to anoint a long-time politico for the seat blew up when Republicans fielded two candidates, first blocking the intended candidate from getting GOP cross-over votes in the Democratic primary, and then earning a stunning 48 percent of the vote for a seat where a GOP candidate three years before had received just 27 percent.

Threatening and harassing phone calls and emails made by more than one Democratic candidate to key Republicans (as well as the Blogland) suggest that Democrats – who had considered the seat safe – saw the prospect of a GOP takeover of the seat as a serious possibility.

Combine this special election outcome with the reality that statewide Republican candidates are now finishing in the mid-40 percent range or higher in Clarendon County (Senator Jim DeMint even won the county last year), the Democrats can ill afford to take the Clarendon GOP lightly in the future.

A county where Republicans were once lucky to turn out two dozen at events is turning out a hundred or more. That increased turnout is translating into workers who are walking neighborhoods in local races and making tens of thousands of phone calls to turn out the GOP vote across the state. They’re turning safe-bet races for Democrats into costly electoral battles, including the recent State House 64 vote, drawing off resources that would otherwise target GOP-held offices.

Moye Graham played a leading role in rallying GOP troops to achieve these results, leading a dedicated GOP team which seamlessly combines long-time county natives with retirees living in the county’s resort developments along Lake Marion. He’s also well-recognized at the state level, helping draw most of last year’s statewide candidates to make multiple stops to stump for votes and boost the local GOP, as well as making sure the recent state House race was taken seriously by GOP strategists.

Graham wants to lead Clarendon Republicans for another term and build upon these impressive results. We can’t think of a more qualified candidate for the job and urge Clarendon County Republicans to give him another term at their convention on Saturday.

6 Response to "Clarendon Republicans need Moye Graham"

  1. west_rhino 13/4/11 10:48
    Moye Graham, the architect of the unseating of John Land...

    no wonder RINOs and DINOs tremble at the mention of his name.
  2. June Brailsford 13/4/11 11:23
    Thanks Earl, I sincerely agree. In spite of having a job that takes him worldwide, sometimes at a moments notice, he brought recognition to Clarendon County. As one who has been a part of this for twenty five years, I applaud his achievements. My first county convention consisted of a total of six Republicans. So keep up the good work Moye. I'll be here to help.
  3. mg 14/4/11 18:19
    west_rhino we wish that all to be true
  4. mg 14/4/11 18:21
    Everybody knows that it is June Brailsford who has built this party in Clarendon. She is the real Leader. She should be the Chairman.
  5. Anonymous 15/4/11 09:48
    Earl--the citizens of Clarendon County are indeed lucky to have folks like Moye Graham and June Brailsford in the Republican Party. Just imagine how strong the GOP would be if every county in this state had that quality of leadership at its helm.

    I look forward to seeing them at their county convention and the SCGOP state convention in May...teg
  6. R. Brian McCarty 16/4/11 04:20
    Mr. Graham is Mr. Republican in a hostile county. He has paid his dues time and time again and I can not see anyone else being the GOP's got to guy down there like him.

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