Crossman ruling helping out-of-state construction companies?

While efforts are ongoing to resolve the Crossman issue which is threatening the state’s construction industry, the Blogland has become aware that some out-of-state companies are seeking to take advantage of the problem.

Reportedly, representatives from a number of out-of-state construction companies have approached various investors and developers involved in South Carolina projects, telling them about the Crossman ruling and warning them that South Carolina-based companies might be uninsured on projects past, present and future.

There were concerns about the ability of this ruling to put South Carolina contractors out of business, but now the impact of this ruling upon the state’s construction businesses and workers may be felt sooner, as these out-of-state companies use the ruling to build in-state business presences.

The Blogland has spoken to a number of individuals with knowledge of this situation. For now, their names, as well as others involved, will be kept confidential – but if these companies start getting business that may have gone to South Carolina-based companies, it’s likely that at least some of these names will be known soon.

Senate Bill 431, which passed the Senate handily, awaits further action in the House, where it was the subject of four hours’ debate two weeks ago in the Labor, Commerce and Insurance Committee (some of which was attended by yours truly), as well as more discussion this week.

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