Feds besiege the Lowcountry over Boeing

This month marks the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War, which began with Confederate forces firing on Fort Sumter.

Not to be left out of historical events, the Obama Administration, via the National Labor Relations Board, has decided to restart the siege of Charleston, via today's decision to bring an action to prevent Boeing from opening it's North Charleston plant, which is expected to begin rolling out 787 Dreamliner jets next year:

The National Labor Relations Board is seeking a court order that in effect would require Boeing Co. to move its second 787 assembly line to Washington state.

The second line is being built in North Charleston.

The federal agency is alleging in a lawsuit that Boeing engaged in unfair labor practices when it decided in 2009 to build a new $750 million plant at Charleston International Airport rather than assigning the work to its existing unionized 787 factory in Everett, Wash.

Response to the Obama intimidation was quick, with Attorney General Alan Wilson sounding his opposition to the NLRB's intimidation action:

Today's complaint filed by the NLRB on behalf of the IAM is a direct assault on South Carolina jobs and our economy.

We will fight to protect the right of companies to freely conduct their business without the federal government's intrusion. Therefore, this office will explore all legal options available to fully protect our citizens.

In tonight's Town Hall meeting in North Charleston, Congressman Tim Scott, who played a key role in the negotiations to bring Boeing to South Carolina, blasted the move as "President Obama directing his Administration to offer cover to his pro-labor allies."

Keep in mind that labor unions were smarting over the decision by Boeing to come to Charleston after failing to reach a deal with unions in Seattle, and were encouraged by an overwhelming decertification vote by workers at the plant they bought here two years ago. Clearly they have an axe to grind with the Lowcountry.

But it's not the role of the federal government to win their losing battles for them. Especially as it struggles to rein in wasteful spending and a staggering budget deficit.

We couldn't agree with Wilson and Scott more. We'll be talking more about this issue and other instances of labor union activism aimed at the Palmetto State.

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  1. Cotton Boll Conspiracy 26/4/11 08:46
    I would say the Obama Admnistration has an ax to grind more with Boeing than the Lowcountry.

    If Boeing had chosen Mississippi, Texas or any other state to build its 787 plant in order to get away from the union-happy environment in Washington state, the feds would still be up in arms.

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