Joe Wilson's Bluffton Town Hall meeting

A full house of Lowcountry residents braved storms and tornado warnings to attend Congressman Joe Wilson’s Bluffton Town Hall meeting, which followed his appearance at the opening of the new police station for the Town of Bluffton.

Much of Wilson’s focus was on economic development, consistent with the “Joe Means Jobs” message of last year’s re-election campaign. This tone was set by local economic development officials who opened the meeting with a presentation on the challenges faced by the region. Their concerns focused upon the lack of regional cooperation and vision, which they both described as “we know what we don’t want, but we don’t know what we do want – or where we want to go.

Wilson followed their presentation by discussing how these concerns guided his Congressional votes, discussing how regulations, Obama care and debt burdened businesses. He promised to support raising the debt ceiling only with “substantive limits” on spending, pointing out that he voted against the continuing budget resolution in March out of concerns that not enough spending cuts were being made.

As the state’s senior House Republican, Wilson praised the state’s “Freshman Four” House members, commending their efforts to take the lead on issues in Congress.

Questions presented by random selection from the audience covered a wide range of subject material: economic development concerns about Amazon and Boeing, off-shore drilling and economic development, overseas military involvement and Obamacare. More than any other issue, audience members asked about the Boeing issue.

Throughout the meeting, both during his presentation and the question-and-answer session, Wilson worked to set a constructive tone, discussing actions which were being taken to provide alternatives to Obama policies, such as seeking options to provide health care for the poor and seeking fiscal reforms in exchange for considering voting to raise the debt limit. He emphasized his efforts to work with Democrats to address these issues.

The Blogland wants to thank Butch Wallace and Cris Steele with Congressman Wilson’s office for their hospitality during our visit, as well as Joe Wilson himself.

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  1. Jay Elliott 29/4/11 09:31
    Does this guy really think that the solution to regional development in our southwestern quadrant - one of the most economically depressed regions in the country outside of Hilton Head - is opposing Barack Obama? It is pluperfectly apparent that Joe Wilson has no answers whatsoever to the problems facing this state.

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