Kevin Johnson: Your tax dollars on vacation

In tough economic times, families in places like Manning are facing tough times, having to cut back and do without.

Everyone except their Mayor.

Manning Mayor Kevin Johnson, the Democratic candidate for the vacant State House District 64 seat, has been living large at taxpayer expense. Over the last twenty months, he’s been to all sorts of places, courtesy of his financially-struggling constituents: Washington, D.C., Hilton Head, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Greenville, Columbia and New Orleans.

We’re pretty sure that’s more travel than most Manning residents – or District 64 residents - have been able to afford during this economic downturn. Maybe this explains the town’s initial reluctance to release these reports before the election, as well as why threats were being aimed at those who were expressing their concerns.

So where did the money (and Kevin Johnson) go?

Expense reports which were released today cover receipts from July 2009 through March 2011, showing the Town of Manning paid Kevin Johnson $13,538.63 in reimbursements. Information about expenses and reimbursements for the remainder of Johnson's time in office in Manning will be released later.

Some of the more notable expenses of the 240 pages of receipts have been posted online at They include a week at a three star hotel in Washington, D.C., and a weekend at The Marriot Hilton Head Resort and Spa. There are also several meals at upper end restaurants such as Outback Steakhouse, California Dreaming, and Longhorn’s.

To view each check, date and amount click here:

More receipts are expected as the Town finishes responding to the FOIA request made by GOP candidate Sonny Sanders. If Johnson traveled and spent tax dollars at the rate of $13,538.63 every twenty months he’s held office in Manning, it would add up to about $130,000.

For someone who made a living collecting taxes, Johnson has shown us that he's pretty good at spending those taxes too.

6 Response to "Kevin Johnson: Your tax dollars on vacation"

  1. Anonymous 1/4/11 23:07
    You'll be sorry you posted this. You need to fuck out of other peoples business.
  2. Anonymous 2/4/11 11:01
    Before you post nonsense, maybe you should get ALL of the facts. What were these trips for? Business? Pleasure? Looks to me that these were BUSINESS trips! This is in poor taste to accuse Mayor Johnson of misspending. Why would the City of Manning receive a positive preliminary audit for the fiscal year of 2009-2010? Please clarify...
    A concerned Clarendon County REPUBLICAN
  3. Anonymous 2/4/11 12:37
    Talk about misleading. Audits don't judge if spending was appropriate. They simply tell us if the accounting rules were followed and all spending was authorized.

    We're sure that there was some pretty important business in Hilton Head. We know all those important governmental agencies are based there, so it had to be important. He must've been lobbying Congress when he went to New Orleans. We know they're based there these days, right?
  4. Chris Jones 3/4/11 09:35
    Great job Earl! These "anonymous" responders are probably all Johnson campaign hacks.
  5. Anonymous 4/4/11 05:14
    Follow the $, Earl!!! When EVERYONE breathing is forced to cut back to the bone...even "business trips" are subject to cuts and fiscally responsible discretion! What is legal is quite often not ethically sound or morally right.
  6. Anonymous 4/4/11 11:45
    Earl, you for got the reciepts from Hooters, Cheetah 3, The Trophy Room and Thee Southern Belle...

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