Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

Here in the Blogland, we've often chuckled at the newcomers to politics who see everything in an extreme either-or context, defining everyone as either "establishment" or "reformer".

Anyone who can take such a simplistic view of state politics is either very uninformed or intellectually dishonest, as those who've been in the state's political arena for any amount of time (which the "children" call "insider establishment" types) learned a long time ago that it's never black-and-white. Such types often end up resorting to gutter childish tactics when they find that it's not enough to think you're right and that you have to actually inform and persuade people to come around to your point of view (and typically do a lousy job of doing so).

The newest target of the slimeball tactics preferred by these self-proclaimed "anti-establishment" types: Midlands GOP activists and SCGOP Chair candidate Bill Connor.

The Blogland has been watching the chatter on political websites, Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere. Since Connor's candidacy was announced earlier this week, we've tracked a wave of cheap shots, mostly by anonymous posters, attacking Connor's credibility and character.

These attacks are questionable at best. In order to be an attorney in good standing and an officer in the Army, one has to meet some very high standards for ethical conduct.

We hope that the candidate on whose behalf these attacks are being made will be big enough to denounce these attacks and call upon his supporters to behave.

The Blogland is mulling over discussing some of the attacks, as well as who is behind them, in the next week or so, just so people will know how "establishment" some of these "anti-establishment" people really are. In the best Blogland style, if the attacks don't stop, we'll name names, present the evidence to support everything we're saying, and get the truth of the matters being discussed.

Further, all comments posted on this blog which make unsupported allegations against any SCGOP Chair candidate will be refused.

2 Response to "Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss."

  1. west_rhino 8/4/11 11:08
    Let me guess, the folks with pics of Andre in a dress want to put Connor in bed with Nikki...

    IMHO, those RINOs would do well to return to Harpootlian's fold.
  2. Bill Pickle 8/4/11 12:54
    It's amazing how easy it is for people to take the low road in politics. There are four good men running for the Chairmanship of the SCGOP. All have them have different backgrounds, different experiences and careers. But they have one thing in common, they want to serve SC! Folks, if you can not look for the good in people, wear blinders. Better yet, get off your duff and participate in the system. Then you will be fair game for nasty attacks. Uncle Bill

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