SC blogger abducted by aliens?

We're looking into reports that at a South Carolina political blogger claimed to have been abducted by aliens.

These reports came to light recently, leaving those who've heard them trying to play shocked, amazed, amused, and even feeling slight burning and itching sensations.

This investigaton is ongoing, but in the Blogland tradition, we don't like to lay the cards on the table until we have all the facts lined up, so stay tuned ...

4 Response to "SC blogger abducted by aliens?"

  1. west_rhino 14/4/11 09:52
    Oh dear God, is Wil chasing the same greene strange that Shat got after in ST:TOS and Riker went for in ST:TNG?

    Who's next, Margret Trudeau or Madonna?
  2. mg 14/4/11 18:03
    I believe Mike Reino may be an Alien.
  3. west_rhino 15/4/11 09:26
    MEP! Mike Reino an alien?


    Yankee maybe, alien... the truth is out there somewhere, like something on the wing.
  4. Mike Reino 17/4/11 19:51
    Geez, you take a week off to practice for a gig, and everyone thinks you've been abducted!

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