Tim Scott's Town Hall meeting in North Charleston

Getting a big crowd to turn out to hear a Congressman on a Wednesday night isn't always easy, unless you're Tim Scott, who built a strong following both during and after his winning Congressional bid. In that case, it's easy to fill the place - which is what he did tonight in North Charleston at one of his Congressional Town Hall meetings, telling the audience the "greatest ideas I get are from you".

Much of the presentation focused on the current state of the federal budget, arguing that "we need tough love" to reign in the budget situation, warning that while the growth of entitlement programs was "unsustainable", controlling Medicare costs would be far more challenging than Social Security. 

The Lowcountry Congressman also pointed out the growth of the share of the national debt held by foreign investors, having gone from just five percent of the national debt in 1970 to nearly half of the debt, warning this would put the United States at the mercy of outside interests.

He did briefly touch on the decision by the National Labor Relations Board to force Boeing to move its 787 production line to seat, promising to do all he can to stop their efforts and keep the Boeing plant in North Charleston on schedule.

Questions from the audience, many of whom praised Scott for holding these meetings, covered a wide range of topics. These included the discussion of federal involvement in education (Scott said "there's no way a DC bureaucrat can educate a child in Berkeley County) to the energy crisis (he supported greater exploration for oil and gas resources, as well as nuclear power plant expansion) to the issue of raising the debt ceiling, which he said he would vote for only if balanced budget and discretionary spending limits would be part of the package.

Scott promised more of these meetings, in addition to many in-district visits to community and political events which have been ongoing since he was elected to the First Congressional District seat last fall.

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