NLRB suggests union "payoff" from Boeing to keep Charleston plant open

In a back-handed response to the building storm of resistance to their efforts to force Boeing to reneg on it's commitment to open a 787 production facility in South Carolina, the NLRB said the company would be free to make planes in South Carolina so long as they committed to also make planes in Seattle, where negotiations with labor unions had failed, leaving the aerospace manufacturer with no assurances production of planes could take place.

According to The Street, Nancy Cleeland, a spokesman for the NLRB, said:

"We are not telling Boeing they can't build planes in South Carolina. We are talking about one specific piece of work: three planes a month. If they keep those three planes a month in Washington, there is no problem." Beyond the ten planes, she said, Boeing could build whatever it wants in South Carolina. 

Such a move would put the unions in control of the operations of the South Carolina plant as the number of planes they would be able to make would be controlled by the pace of production of the Seattle plant. Berkeley County State Senator Paul Campbell, a former Alcoa plant manager who was on the Boeing negotiation team, called the NLRB offer "not realistic", warning the offer was unacceptable and could force Boeing to choose between moving 787 production outside of the United States or abandon the plane altogether.

We contacted several others who were involved with the ongoing Boeing efforts and found no support for the NLRB "proposal". One source accused the NLRB of attempting to act as a taxpayer-subsidized bargaining agent for labor unions, calling it "mafia-style extortion".

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  1. Anonymous 20/5/11 10:42
    Malfeasance and complicity in what Eric Holder would otherwise pursue in a RICO statue case is all too blatant, but that's Chcicago politics...

    ...after the rapture, Seattle may be the only plant with worker though.

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