Addressing wedding rumors

As many regular Blogland readers know, the discussion of personal matters on this blogsite, even when allegations and rumors have focused upon the author/publisher/tyrant of the Blogland himself, is generally not allowed.

However, it seems necessary to make an exception in order to address recent allegations which have been circulating around state political circles about yours truly.

If you want to read on, you're welcome to do so. If you're one of those who wants to stick to the issues (which we generally applaud), you're welcome to skip down to the next article or surf elsewhere.

ALLEGATION ONE: Yours truly is getting hitched. This allegation is true.

ALLEGATION TWO: I am converting to Judaism, the faith and tradition of my intended. This allegation is also true.

If she's going to put up with a lifetime supply of me, she can use your prayers. Lots of them.

6 Response to "Addressing wedding rumors"

  1. west_rhino 13/6/11 09:16
    It is early, but Mazel Tov!

    Now does this mean you're going to read Latin from right to left?
  2. Anonymous 14/6/11 00:00
    dude - bombshell
  3. Anonymous 14/6/11 00:08
    What kind of meek loser did you sucker into this? Your ego and mouth is way to big for you to let someone else have a say in your home.
  4. Anonymous 14/6/11 13:09
    Aright dude! Gityusum!
  5. mg 15/6/11 12:29
    nice to know you are still well loved
  6. Anonymous 17/6/11 08:30
    So she likes treyf?

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