Another loser runs for President

Five years ago, Pennsylvania voters threw Rick Santorum out of office by nearly twenty points in a race which produced the largest margin of victory ever for a Democratic Senate nominee, incumbent or challenger, in that state's history.

When incumbents get trounced like that, they usually go away and find something different to do. But it seems losing once isn't enough, so Santorum announced he's running for President.

A common excuse presented by Santorum for his defeat in a key swing state where statewide GOP candidates can win is that he'd rather be principled than win an election. As principled high-profile conservatives have won the state, such as President Ronald Reagan and Senator Pat Toomey, it brings this claim into question.

We've pointed out questions over his association with recently-convicted lobbyist Jim Hirni, which have been raised by other media outlets as well. His losing Senate re-election bid struggled to overcome questions about his residency and was criticized for sloppy and misleading negative advertising.

Santorum's not the only loser stumping the Palmetto State, seeking one last shot at the political limelight. We're sure these losers have their reasons for running, but we're at a loss to explain why GOP activists, who claim to want to defeat Obama, are wasting their time on candidates whose speaking abilities are far more impressive than their ability to win elections.

5 Response to "Another loser runs for President"

  1. Anonymous 6/6/11 14:25
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  2. Pendo Obsido 3/1/12 23:47
    Hah! Funny how six months change things. In evey debate, I kept thinking how much I liked him. Guess we'll find out in a couple of weeks where he really stands
  3. Anonymous 4/1/12 02:11
    To ensure honest people of integrity, banks, child care centers and places like that run background checks. Those who steal, cheat, lie, abuse their trust are not fit for hire around our children, seniors and bank assets. Why does Santorum think the White House deserves less?
  4. Anonymous 4/1/12 02:29
    Santorum and Abramoff. There's a long history there. Check it out.
  5. Anonymous 4/1/12 04:07
    Not only does he like hiring convicted felons, but he protects sweatshops that send women into the sex trade

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