Clarendon GOP and Mark Hammond play golf, help Children's Miracle Network

Last weekend, the Blogland joined Secretary of State Mark "Dirty Harry" Hammond, Clarendon County GOP Chair Moye Graham and other Clarendon County Republicans as they worked together to help support the county's annual golf benefit for the Children's Miracle Network, held at the golf course at Wyboo Plantation on Lake Marion.

Pictured to the right is Robert Alt, owner of The Palms at Wyboo, a great place for a steak and a beer (or six), along with Hammond.

If you're down that way, we recommend Alt's restaurant highly. Go check it out.

Thanks to Hammond, Graham and the Clarendon GOP gang for supporting a worthwhile cause.

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  1. mg 23/6/11 17:51
    Glad you made it and hope you can play a little better next year.

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