South Carolina State: We don't need no education

While the Legislative Council audit found the tens of millions of dollars which went missing, their findings included "duplicate billings, insufficient state matching funds and questionable payments" of amounts sometimes in the six-figure range and resulted in some expenses being referred to SLED for investigation of abuses by individual employees of the center. It also showed the construction of the center, which lost its federal University Transportation Center status, was plagued with mismanagement.

You can read the full LAC report HERE and a summary of the report HERE.

Somehow S.C. State President George Cooper found these findings, the first of three audits of the Center, to be good news. But given his record, it's not too surprising that he still doesn't get it.

Back in January, Cooper lost a vote of confidence by the faculty Senate by a staggering 19-3, after which his attorney alleged "the Faculty Senate does not reflect the full faculty at South Carolina State University".  In June of last year, Cooper was been fired by the University's board, but re-hired shortly thereafter after several board seats changed hands when the terms of board members expired.

With Cooper remaining at the helm of this state-funded institution, accountability is sorely lacking and needed changes aren't likely on the agenda.

The Blogland has called for a house cleaning at State and yours truly was even considered a possible candidate for appointment to the University's board last year - but considering the mess the school is in, we're not complaining that someone else got the seat.

With $50 million poured into the Center already, it is now estimated to be $83 million short of what is needed to open, money which won't likely be coming from the feds, nor from skeptical legislators, who have - in a bi-partisan manner - blasted the boondoggle. Given these problems and lack of confidence, it seems unlikely that the Center will be completed.

Congressman Clyburn, responsible for steering federal funds to the Center which was named after him, alleged the whole situation was the result of the University "unfairly bullied by people who didn't want to see the transportation center".

But it's not the first time Clyburn's name and corruption and mismanagement have been linked - and it probably won't be the last.

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  1. Anonymous 22/6/11 12:12
    Don't need no education and don't want no audit reports that suggest payola and a federal source of street money...

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