Bachman campaign on the attack?

South Carolina has seen plenty of violence involving its politicos in recent years. Perhaps the latest episode involving the Michele Bachmann campaign is just their effort at trying to fit in?

AIKEN, S.C. (AP) - ABC News says a reporter trying to question GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann was pushed and shoved by members of her camp after a campaign event in South Carolina.

Network news senior vice president Jeffrey Schneider said reporter Brian Ross was shoved Tuesday as security tried to block him from the Minnesota congresswoman while he asked whether she had to miss votes because of migraines. Schneider said Ross has been a victim of worse violence but added no reporter should be roughed up pursuing a story.

A spokeswoman for Bachmann did not immediately return messages seeking comment.

An online news site claimed Monday that Bachmann was reportedly sidelined by headaches. Bachmann says her symptoms are controlled with medication and have not gotten in the way of her political work.

... nor will those pesky reporters be allowed to get in the way of her political work, it seems.

3 Response to "Bachman campaign on the attack?"

  1. Anonymous 20/7/11 03:29
    Get in our way and we'll shove your ass down too.
  2. west_rhino 20/7/11 09:21
    In the model of the Thurmondinator...
  3. Anonymous 25/7/11 10:04
    What do you expect from a crazy lady who thinks you can cure gay people.

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