Clyburn: "Blame it on Sanford", Blogland: "Whatever"

It seems like J.C. Hammer has reached some conclusions about what he believes to be the root of the problems at the grossly-mismanaged and incomplete James E. Clyburn University Transportation Center at S.C. State University. While audits have pointed to numerous instances of mismanagement, Clyburn says it's all ... Mark Sanford's fault?!?

U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn blamed former Gov. Mark Sanford on Tuesday for delays in building a South Carolina State University transportation center that bears his name, and he said that has contributed to fundraising issues.

More factually-supported investigations have identified problems which included "duplicate billings, insufficient state matching funds and questionable payments" of amounts sometimes in the six-figure range and resulted in some expenses being referred to SLED for investigation of abuses by individual employees of the center.

It's also worth noting that Legislative Audit Council Director Thomas Bardin said auditors found no evidence that Sanford or anyone in his administration had done anything to stall the project.

But as usual, Clyburn isn't beyond keeping the facts from getting in the way. Without offering a shred of evidence to back up his ramblings, he insisted the institution is being singled out for harassment:

Nobody has said a word to me about the millions of dollars that I've earmarked to the University of South Carolina, the Medical University (of South Carolina), Clemson University, Columbia College -- no one's said one word to me about that. They only question what I send to South Carolina State. Why?

"Why?" ... well, it might have something to do with the audit findings, the gross mismanagement and the utter lack of confidence in the institution's President, including among faculty.

But we guess those things are just parts of the whole big conspiracy, right? Whatever ...

2 Response to "Clyburn: "Blame it on Sanford", Blogland: "Whatever""

  1. west_rhino 7/7/11 12:00
    As if Clyburn's flatus had merit. I still wonder how much actually was laundrered to become street money.
  2. Anonymous 7/7/11 15:17
    I wonder what the odds are of Andre Bauer getting Clyburn in a plane he is piloting??

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