Congressional compromise plan picking up Democratic support?

One of the key moments in the Congressional redistricting process was the vote in the Senate, where all but one Democratic Senator voted for the plan which passed the Senate.

Dick Elliot (D-Horry), who was the one Democratic holdout, will likely be joined by other Democratic Senators. In a TV interview, Democratic Senator Yancey McGill (D-Kingstree) came out for a Congresional plan which unites the Pee Dee region into a single Congressional district.

The plan which passed the Senate would split the Pee Dee and Grand Strand region, which had been united until 1992, into the First, Sixth and Seventh Districts, while the House plan, which had been rejected by the Senate, would re-consolidate the region. We've been told other Democratic Senators from the Pee Dee are mulling throwing their support behind a compromise plan, should it propose to reunify the region.

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  1. Anonymous 26/7/11 21:00
    The working people of Williamsburg County always get left out. We are the indentured servants to the 6th District. How many years do we have left to work off our passage to the new land?( another distric). Clyburn and the Democrats keep us here with no jobs, no prospect of jobs and a gloomy future. Now Sen. McGill you helped Florence Co, how about helping your home county of Williamsburg. That indeed would be a change.

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