Guest op-ed: David Carter - "Why I support Jon Huntsman"

One of a growing number of guest submissions to the Blogland, Upstate GOP activist David Carter sends in this one to explain his support for former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman for President.

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David Carter writes ...

Last Sunday I was sitting in church, and like I normally do between Sunday school and the sermon, I checked the news on my phone to see what was said on the morning talk shows I missed while at church. As usual, the Sunday talk shows were full of talking heads, politicians, and other “experts” talking about the 2012 presidential race, and what effect Gov. Jon Huntsman’s entry will have on the contest. Some reliably conservative commentators have been dismissive and derisive of his chances, and this started to make me think about not only how off-base they are, but why I believe in Ambassador Huntsman and his plan for our country.

As you all know, Ambassador Huntsman announced his candidacy for President this past Tuesday with the Statue of Liberty in the background. The picture couldn't have been more perfect, and the message delivered that day was even more memorable. For once, a Presidential campaign didn't kick off with the normal bashing of the President. Instead, it was a very respectful rebuke of the job that President Obama is doing. He then went on to give his vision for our great country and re-affirm the belief that the greatest days for our country are ahead of us.

If you look at what Governor Huntsman did for Utah, it is amazing! Under his leadership, the state of Utah was consistently rated as one of the best states for small businesses. He cut taxes, improved conditions for businesses, and actively sought after more businesses to go to Utah. He understood that government does not create jobs, but that businesses create jobs. By doing this, he received an excellent rating by the conservative CATO Institute. Thus, I will take Ambassador Huntsman’s record over any other candidate’s signature on a pledge. Actions speak louder than words.

Another area that I am sure people will try to attack Ambassador Huntsman on is his service to his country. Yes, he did serve President Obama as the U.S. Ambassador to China. While these people will try to paint him as a closet Obama liberal, the truth is far from that. When President Obama asked then Governor Huntsman to serve as ambassador to China, he did so because there is no one else more qualified for the job. Jon Huntsman's expertise is China as he has studied US/Chinese relations for years. He speaks Chinese fluently, understands their culture, and has been the leading authority on the matter for some time now.

The bottom line is this: the United States of America called on him and asked him to serve his country, which he did with pride and honor. You do not say no to something that important just because the President of the United States is a member of the opposite political party. That is why our country is in the shape it is now. If someone has a D beside their name, often for us Republicans, the default response quite often is to demonize them. Let us not forget that this economic recession began because of failed policies of both Republicans and Democrats.

Finally, Jon Huntsman Jr. is not only a conservative who appeals to the GOP base, but he also appeals a much broader swath of voters. He is the only GOP candidate for President that the Obama administration does not want to face in a general election. That is why I am behind Jon Huntsman Jr. for President and I sincerely hope you will join me in supporting the only candidate for President who has a clear common sense plan for putting Americans back to work and restoring our nation back to the "shining city on a hill" as President Reagan would describe it.

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