John Morgan endorses compromise Congressional plan

In recent weeks, national Republican redistricting expert John Morgan has been drawn into the center of the ongoing battle on Congressional redistricting.

Today, he released a letter endorsing the compromise plan being worked out between legislative leaders over the Senate-passed reapportionment:
Given the Republican incumbents in Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 and the conservative composition of these Districts, it is my opinion that the new 7th District as drawn in the compromise plan reflects the most conservative demographics to ensure the best opportunity to elect additional Republicans.

7 Response to "John Morgan endorses compromise Congressional plan"

  1. Anonymous 26/7/11 15:27
    Earl this guy is a jerk. He is one of Senator Leatherman's best friends. The State should quit using him and his firm. I seen that BS letter he sent to Leatherman a couple of weeks ago. Sure they hired him just like they would hire anyone to draw a district to their liking.
  2. Anonymous 26/7/11 17:23
    1527, it's pretty funny that a few weeks ago, people were singing his praises. It's different when the shoe is on the other foot?
  3. Anonymous 26/7/11 22:59
    Earl, if you're going to be the latest tool for Bobby and Alan, you ought to at least ask to get paid for what you're doing to help trash the Republican Party to help them enact their RINO agenda.
  4. Anonymous 27/7/11 15:40
    Well I have to agree a little about this Dude being a paid consultant to say anything as long as it favors Leatherman, McConnell, Clemmons and Harrison. What about it Earl you getting paid some big bucks here. Is that how you bought your new car.
  5. earlcapps 27/7/11 15:44
    I'm not sure how I'm going to pay for it. I think I'm going to try to sell some bootleg software. It worked for that Tea Party guy.

    Then again, maybe it didn't work for him.
  6. mg 27/7/11 22:21
    So Earl is you ex still posting stuff. On a more serious note I really have to say John Morgan and his company is no more to SC than a yes man to the power players in the SC Senate such as Leatherman. I do not trust a thing he said.
  7. Anonymous 28/7/11 00:07
    mg is right. hey earl fuck you and your rino buddies. harrell, clemmons, leatherman and all of them. i hope voters see thier lies and vote for democrats instead!

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