P&C calls out S.C. State cover-up

When the evaluation comes due Sept. 1, the only people who will see it are Cooper and the board -- and in a stroke of bureaucratic excess, a committee formed to evaluate Cooper.

Sorry, that's not how this works.

Taxpayer money pays Cooper's salary. Therefore, his salary is public information, and his job performance is in direct interest of the taxpayers.

Apparently the board decided it doesn't need to share this information, without regard to the law.

It would be nice if S.C. State would spend more time serving as an education resources for the state and less time as a wasteland where tax dollars and accountability are lost and never seen again.

We'd love to know when legislators and the Governor are going to take cleaning up this institution seriously.

2 Response to "P&C calls out S.C. State cover-up"

  1. Anonymous 19/7/11 10:26
    You just wish someone cared about that so-called school. Whiny little punk.
  2. Anonymous 20/7/11 03:30
    Yeah right.

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