Saturday with the Fairfield GOP

Rural politics is often more enjoyable than the big-city beat. The smaller crowds and less formal settings make it more fun and allow people to connect.

Fairfield County one of it's largest-ever turnouts for an event - a pool party held in Winnsboro which drew Republicans from across the state, including SCGOP Chair Chad Connelly.

At the event, the Fairfield GOP received a contribution of $1000 for the county GOP from GOP Presidential candidate Rick Santorum and a challenge by the Santorum campaign to the Chester and Fairfield County GOP organizations, offering a Santorum appearance for a dinner fundraiser event for whichever got the most people to donate $10 a month to the SCGOP.

The Fairfield GOP was upbeat by the turnout and financial success of the event. Vice-Chair Jeff Betsch called the donation "a sign of faith that Fairfield Republicans have an important role to play next year" and invited other candidates to "not leave any small county behind".

We'll be sure to let our readers know which county party organization wins the challenge.

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  1. Anonymous 19/7/11 10:26
    You have no room to talk about Chad. He's my man!

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