More cronyism in Florence County

If Florence County isn't one of the most crooked counties in South Carolina, it's certainly one of the most obviously bassackwards ones when it comes to ethics and local goverment.

Last year the Blogland talked about major conflicts of interest with Solicitor Ed Clements, known for a lousy prosecution record that might have something to do with his close ties with local defense attorneys, including one really whiny one who emails the Blogland to tell us "we don't get it".

Something else we don't get is how Florence County Council may be on the verge of hiring one of its own council members to serve as County Administrator:

Florence County Council Chairman K.G. “Rusty” Smith said he is throwing his name in the ring to be the next county administrator.

Smith said Friday he hasn’t formally submitted a resume to the search committee made up of his fellow councilmen, but he plans to do so soon.

Smith said working as administrator would be a way to continue what he called a “legacy of service” to Florence County.

Not to mention getting this job would be a great way to use his connections to get a raise and look out for his friends - at the expense of the taxpayer.

While a real search process would include a transparent process in which qualifications will be reviewed and conflicts of interest scrupulously avoided, the Blogland is betting this committee won't look far or long before giving Smith the job.

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