AG opinion takes aim at the "Florence Fix"

On The Pickle Barrel blog, Florence County GOP Chair Bill Pickle updates readers on the "Florence Fix": a deal in which members of Florence County Council are reportedly working to appoint Rusty Smith, the current Council Chair, to fill soon-to-be-vacated position of County Administrator.

Pickle reports that the S.C. Attorney General's office has issued an opinion cautioning County Council to not appoint Smith, warning that he may not be legally eligible for appointment to the job:

At a minimum, South Carolina law requires that Chairman Smith removes himself from any influence over the process of selecting the new administrator. Moreover, while it does not appear the Ethics Act requires Chairman Smith to resign from his seat on council during his candidacy, section 4-9-100 of the South Carolina Code might make Chairman Smith ineligible for appointment at this time. Finally, it is the opinion of this Office that it would be contrary to the public policy of this State for a county council to appoint its own member as administrator.

After the rumored deal to fast-track Smith's appointment came under fire by local good government advocates and GOP activists, Council has slowed the selection process, with no information available as to the current status of the candidate search, or if council is vetting other candidates for the job.

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