Hanging with the Clarendon GOP

Thursday night in Manning is more fun when you add Moye Graham and the Clarendon County Republican Party.

A meeting where Graham estimated twenty-five would turn out saw over fifty fill the French Hens restaurant across from the county courthouse – more proof of the growth in the county’s GOP, which ran a surprise close finish in a recent State House contest, is becoming an important player in the region's political landscape.

GOP activists from around the region, such as SCGOP 1st Vice-Chair (and Charleston County GOP Chair) Lin Bennett, were there, along with representatives from several Presidential campaigns.

Several in the room were discussing candidacies for next year, raising the prospect of another primary surprise. The last one did much to upset the local Democratic establishment's efforts to retain control of the county's primary State House district.

As always, we appreciate their hospitality.

6 Response to "Hanging with the Clarendon GOP"

  1. Ida 10/9/11 17:10
    Hate I missed the meeting and the good company. Out of town.
  2. Moye Graham 10/9/11 17:12
    Thanks for coming Earl and for giving us a little coverage as we need all we can get.
  3. Bill Pickle 10/9/11 20:14
    Moye is a great leader for the Clarendon County GOP. Congrats for such a great turnout. I don't believe I have heard one negative comment about Moye or his leadership. Moye has supported several events in Florence and at the State House.

    I have to say, Moye, you are alright!
  4. Moye Graham 12/9/11 18:20
    Thanks Bill Pickles. I was just talking about the great job you are doing in Florence.
  5. Mike Hoffman 12/10/11 00:16
    Earl you do not know me but my name is Mike Hoffman from Chicago. I have followed your blog for a long time. Moye Graham is a close friend of mine. He is great guy.
  6. Mike Hoffman 12/10/11 00:18

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