The high price of messing with Kevin Brackett

Kevin Brackett, York County’s Republican Solicitor, is known for being tough on crime, as well as a man of his word.

Two years ago, the Blogland reported on a “second chance” program targeted at youthful first-time offenders in Rock Hill. Brackett offered eight drug dealers with clean records a chance to get their lives together, get a job and stay out of trouble – or be prosecuted for those charges, along the new ones.

Of the eight, four were never heard or seen by local law enforcement. Three of the other four who got in trouble again were arrested for more drug offenses.

Last week, Donquavis McConnell was the first of these four to go to jail. As a third-strike offender (counting the first time, for which charges were re-instated for spurning Brackett's original offer) he’ll do 100% of the ten-year sentence.

The dummy was arrested for this third offense just a few months after receiving a suspended sentence for dealing. Now he won’t be seen in the world until he’s thirty, which sounds like a fair deal to us.

Best not to mess around with Kevin Brackett.

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