More trouble for organized labor in South Carolina

This week hasn't been a good week for labor unions in South Carolina. In addition to ongoing efforts to resist the NLRB, two events presented additional challenges for organized labor.

On Monday, a decertification petition (11-RD-064845) was filed regarding the Johnson Controls facility in Florence S.C., which presently has a United Auto Workers presence. In August 2010, the UAW barely won the union vote at the plant with 76 votes for the union and 71 against.

In Charleston, the S.C. Chamber of Commerce joined the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in filing suit against the National Labor Relations Board to challenge NLRB-issued regulations on August 25 which will require nearly all employers to post a large notice to employees informing them of rights under the National Labor Relations Act, including their right to unionize.

Many of us in the HR profession see this pending rule as little more than free advertising for labor unions. Given their ongoing efforts to act as a virtual bargaining agent for labor unions by taking action against Boeing, it's part of an ongoing pattern of using federal funds to give free assistance to labor unions.

The case, Chamber of Commerce, et al. v. National Labor Relations Board, et al., is in the U.S. District Court of South Carolina, seeks to block the NLRB rule, which proposes that:
“The 11-by-17-inch notice should be posted in a conspicuous place, where other notifications of workplace rights and employer rules and policies are posted.”

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