Wedding day in the Blogland

If you weren't in Charleston Saturday night, you missed a really good time - and a pretty special one. Thanks to all of those who could make it, those who tried but couldn't make it and those who reached out to wish us well. Nothing like spending the evening with 300 or so family, friends and colleagues to make for a wonderful weekend.

Of course, having an open bar helped with the fun as well.

Next stop - a ten-day ocean cruise in the North Atlantic.

5 Response to "Wedding day in the Blogland"

  1. Moye Graham 19/9/11 18:49
    Great time guys.
  2. Anonymous 19/9/11 21:56
  3. west_rhino 20/9/11 09:15
    Mazel Tov! So boychick, have you found a leopard print kippah?
  4. Professor Ed 27/9/11 10:36
    Congratulatioins on tying the knot! I hope your cruise is all you hoped for, and more! I will be doing the same thing on Oct. 8th.
  5. Anonymous 13/7/12 16:36
    :O Surprise Suprise, my dad finally got married. >> Took me for ever to find this post so i could Troll you about it.

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