Annual Barnwell GOP dinner

Last night, Barnwell County Republicans packed the house for their annual dinner. The Blogland was there and enjoyed their hospitality (and the BBQ as well).

While the event brought in three big GOP stars: SCGOP Chair Chad Connelly, SCGOP Second Vice-Chair Chair EJ Cousar and State Education Superintendent Mick Zais, it was Zais who gave the most meaningful information to attendees, promoting his agenda of focusing on boosting accountabilty, competition and incentives in South Carolina public schools.

Zais pointed out there was "no one-size-fits-all solution", warning that the "traditional school system puts every child in an assembly line, factory type system where every child is the same" for which he advcoated customization and personalization". Touching on his days in the U.S. Army where many soldiers came from disadvantaged homes, he reiterated his believe that "every inner city family has a right to the same choices for their children's education as anyone else."

Also, Kinlaw was recognized for his early support of renewed efforts to boost the state GOP's Silver Elephant fundraising program with a pin from Connelly.

Any way you go, it's a long drive to Barnwell County, but well worth it. Ben Kinlaw and the Barnwell GOP team are always great company.

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  1. moye graham 19/10/11 21:19
    Ben Kinlaw does a great job.

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