Clemmons passes on 7th District bid, opts for re-election

In spite of speculation which put him as one of the front-runners for South Carolina's new Seventh Congressional District, Myrtle Beach State Rep. Alan Clemmons has passed on joining the growing field of candidates seeking the seat. Instead, he will seek re-election to his State House district.

In talking with the Blogland, he cited a desire to remain close to South Carolina while his teenage daughter was still at home. He expresed great optimism that the growing field of GOP candidates would produce a candidate who would carry the district next fall.

His intent was also reported in Sunday's edition of the Myrtle Beach Sun News.

Clemmons, as Chair of the House's redistricting subcommittee, played a key role in re-drawing the state's Congressional districts earlier this year, along with the legislative districts. His decision to remain in the State House runs against accusations by some sources that he was drawing Congressional maps to guarantee himself a free ride to Congress.

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