Defeated Dem to make second House bid in Berkeley County?

In a heavily-Republican county such as Berkeley County, it's hard to find a Democrat willing to get beat like a drum once, much less twice. But it seems like Democrat Tonia Aiken-Taylor, who just lost a special election to fill House Seat 100 by about twenty points, plans to run for the House again next year.

After she lost to Republican Rep-elect Eddy Southard last week, Aiken-Taylor told the Charleston Post and Courier: "This was just a practice run."

Where she presently resides will remain in District 100 (presuming the redistricting plans receive pre-clearance from the Justice Department), a large part of the town of Moncks Corner, where she holds an at-large Town Council seat, will be moved into Rep. Joe Jefferson's majority-black House District 102. Some have told the Blogland that Aiken-Taylor may move into 102 and challenge Jefferson in next year's Democratic primary, knowing the nominee will easily carry the seat in the general elections.

Since the chances of a Democrat winning in heavily-Republican District 100 in what is expected to be a decent year for Republicans would be slim, using her head-start in the mostly-Democratic portions of District 100 which are being moved into District 102 seems a more logical next step to follow up on her "practice run".

We'll be watching this one.

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  1. west_rhino 5/10/11 11:26
    If you're expecting the coat-tails of DOJ condoned voter fraud behind a re-elect Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., the trial run makes sense

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