The Occupy movement's selective rage

While the Occupy protestors rant about corporate greed and bailouts, that anger seems oddly focused. Unlike the Tea Party groups who often railed against corporate bailouts by the current administration as well as against Republicans they perceived as having supported past bailouts, the Occupy groups seem to direct very little anger at fiscal cronyism by the current President and the Democratic Party, which seems to go hand-in-hand with increasingly-open alliances between Occupy groups and Democratic party leaders.

For evidence of the growing connections (which the Occupy people try to deny), one need only look to the example of the Charleston group, whose meager ranks include two prominent local Democrats: Phil Noble and William Hamilton.

Amidst the selective anger of the Occupy movement are signs of a pro-Democratic agenda in the deafening silence over automotive bailouts which were a priority of the Obama administration, which don't get the same criticism as bank bailouts which were made pre-Obama, as well as the shift in anti-war rhetoric from Bush-bashing to generic opposition to violence.

But not everyone is fooled. Among those who are getting the hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty of the growing Democrat-Occupy alliance are the folks with Heritage Action , who have called Obama and his fellow Democrats out for cozying up to the enemies of the Occupy movement, pointing out that Obama:

raised $3.9 million (in financial corporate donations) just this year so far. But, he has raised nearly $12 million in Wall Street donations for the DNC. In total, that’s more than all the Republican Presidential candidates combined have received from Wall Street.

Yet President Obama supports the Occupy Wall Street Movement. He said that their protests were a reflection of a “broad-based frustration about how our financial system works.” He has also adopted the term “99%” when talking about raising taxes.

Their report also calls out Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi for taking over $600K, DNC Chair and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz who took nearly half a million and Rep. Barney Frank, who endorsed the Occupy movement while on the way to a Wall Street fundraiser, who has taken in over $1.3 million.

The Occupy movement would be wise to spare us the kind of selective rage that reeks of either hypocrisy or ignorance. If they cast out the Democratic insiders who are supporting them and integrating themselves with their movement, from Noble to Obama, and tried to develop a truly non-partisan approach to blasting good ol' boy dealing and cronyism in government, we might actually buy some of what they're selling.

5 Response to "The Occupy movement's selective rage"

  1. Anonymous 26/10/11 00:57
    Fucking asshole!
  2. Anonymous 26/10/11 02:13
    Lying corprate sellout faggot
  3. Anonymous 26/10/11 02:41
    All you litle Jew Bastards stick together, don't you? Eric Cantor and Tim Scott have a new step-and-fetch boy at the Blogland. Hooray!
  4. west_rhino 27/10/11 09:10
    A piece in The Chronicle closes with the question, "What does OWS want, other than agitating?"

    Of course, OWS is p*'ned by the biggest "Jew Batard" of all, Gerogi Soros, nu?
  5. Anonymous 30/10/11 10:37
    Methinks the above "Occupy Bloglanders" doth protest too much. We're all on to you and the truth hurts doesn't it you sonsabitches?

    Shalom my friend and good post!!

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