Tim Scott bill to give employees more choices on unions

One major complaint about labor unions in the workplace is that once they're in, they become difficult for employees to disband. Pressure upon employees to not sign petitions for a de-certification vote or go against other wishes of the union leadership, which profits off union dues, can be intense.

Lowcountry GOP Congressman Tim Scott has sponsored, along with Utah Senator Orrin Hatch, legislation that would give workers who work in union workplaces more rights and protections. The Employee Rights Act ("ERA") would require that all union members have the right to vote with a secret ballot on recertifying a union every three years, require a majority vote by secret ballot before a strike could be called and would also require unions to obtain the written consent of every member before spending dues money on anything other than collective bargaining activities.

Research has shown considerable public support for the goals of Scott's legislation.

A survey conducted by Opinion Research Corporation in August reportedly showed large support for Scott's legislation. With nearly 2,500 nonunion households and more than 600 union households surveyed, the three-year recertification requirement drew support from 84 percent of the nonunion households and 83 percent of the union households. Other studies have shown overwhelming opposition to using union dues for political activities, support for requiring unions to disclose how union dues are spent and shown a huge disparity between where union campaign cash goes and who their members are voting for.

This legisation would help to codify a Supreme Court ruling (Communications Workers of America v. Beck) which sought to reign in the use of labor union dues used for non-bargaining related activities without the approval of the employee forced to pay union dues. In spite of this ruling, numerous actions have been filed for labor unions not informing their members of their right to request a refund of the portion of their dues which were used for political purposes.

It doesn't seem likely this bill would become law under the current administration, but expect Scott to keep pushing until this effort does succeed.

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  1. Anonymous 26/10/11 00:58
    You AND Scott are corporate lackeys. How's that expesive sports car of yours doing?
  2. west_rhino 27/10/11 09:12
    Curious who stands behind Tim in that pic...

    isn't Jimmy Hirni tho

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