Charleston school board RINO recruit

As soon as former Charleston County School Board member Mary Ann Taylor resigned her post to protest a planned 2400% pay increase for school board members, the RINO herd on the board began working to replace Taylor with someone more agreeable to their agenda of co-opted conservative rhetoric combined with liberal policy moves.

Their goal: replace Taylor with someone more agreeable to their agenda: Charleston Democrat Henry Copeland.

Copeland, a member of the Charleston County Democrat Party's executive committee, is being pushed by RINO school board member Elizabeth Kandrac. Kandrac talked like a conservative, but came under fire for having the largest expenditures for any school board member and joined in the failed push for the pay raise.

Some Charleston Republicans we've talked object to Copeland being on the board, seeking to avoid a repeat of the mistake they made in supporting current RINO school board member Elizabeth Moffly, who made no bones about her support for former Democratic State Education Superintendent Jim Rex and later turned on her Republican supporters.

Moffly and Copeland are both known for their abrasive, self-centered acts. Once on the board, Moffly became known for backstabbing supporters and returning to her Democratic roots and Republicans we've talked with are certain that Copeland would do the same if appointed to fill Taylor's seat.

A number of Charleston GOP leaders are seeking to have local businessman Brian Thomas appointed to fill the vacant seat. Thomas has a long record of involvement with the Charleston County GOP, and unlike RINO ringleader Moffly, no record of involvement with Democratic education leaders.

2 Response to "Charleston school board RINO recruit"

  1. Anonymous 22/11/11 14:17
    When it comes to RINOs you know what you're talking about.
  2. west_rhino 29/11/11 09:19
    Our Mary Ann, like a John Granham Altman or a Sandi Engleman, is far more dangerous to the backroom dealings of the School Board Coven from the outside than from within.

    Perhaps a "Clean Slate" vs the "Cleaned Plate" in 2012 may arise...

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