Don't say we didn't tell you so

One of the most audacious power grabs in recent years in Lowcountry politics fell short tonight - with Charleston RINO Elizabeth Moffly leading the failed charge.

A proposal pushed by Moffly, who was elected to a seat on the Charleston County School Board last fall after a second failed bid for State Education Superintendent, would give Charleston County School Board members a whopping 2400% percent raise in their salaries, taking their pay from $25 per meeting (roughly $600 a year) to $15,000 a year. By comparsion, the most highly-paid school board members - in Horry County - get paid $9,600 a year.

In the losing 3-5 vote, Moffly was joined by Chris Collins, who lost a recent challenge to North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey and fellow RINO Elizabeth Kandrac.

The strongest voice against the proposal came from long-time Republican Mary Ann Taylor, who was elected along with Moffly last fall and resigned from the school board in protest tonight. While we wouldn't have endorsed her resignation, we certainly understand why she did it and believe she did the right thing in opposing the raise. Sources we've talked with indicated the proposal failed because of the high level of attention Taylor's resignation drew to the proposal.

This move leaves Charleston Republicans, who expressed their disgust with Moffly in tonight's meeting of the Charleston County GOP, with egg on their faces as some of their leadership backed her for the school board last year.

It would be one thing if Moffly had betrayed Republicans after playing a fiscally conservative tune, but when she endorsed the candidacy of former Democratic Education Superintendent Jim Rex after losing her GOP primary bid for the office in 2006, a role she bragged about in her failed 2010 candidacy (not to mention her association with former Democratic Governor Dick Riley), Republicans should have known better than to trust her. It's not like she was hiding her liberal stripes.

In an online poll on the Charleston Post and Courier website, with roughly 1000 votes cast (so far), just under 46% backed keeping their pay where it was at, while about 24% believed they shouldn't be paid at all and less than 4% supported Moffly's raise.

For the record, the Blogland stands with those who think Charleston County School Board members should be paid what they're worth - nothing.

Last year, the Blogland had called Moffly out for spending campaign money on frivilous expenses and she was also criticized for having the second largest expenses for a board member during the 2010-2011 fiscal year, a figure only exceeded by her fellow raise supporter Kandrac. Maybe our readers aren't seeing it, but we see a pattern emerging with these politicians who, after spending other peoples' money upon themselves, want to spend even more.

The board has become a "safe harbor" for failed politicos in recent years, with three current and former board members serving on the board after having made and lost bids for higher offices: Moffly, Collins and former member Nancy Cook, who lost a GOP primary bid for County Council in 2008 while serving on the board. Like Moffly and Collins, Cook has also come under fire for personal spending of tax dollars. We're somewhat at a loss to explain how this board attracts so many politicos of questionable nature, but it's certainly an issue that should concern Charleston County voters

Hopefully those who didn't know better last year will learn what we knew all along - Elizabeth Moffly was a self-serving and unreliable loose cannon whose treason serves as a reminder that democracy is based upon the premise that people should get what they vote for - and sometimes they get it good and hard.

3 Response to "Don't say we didn't tell you so"

  1. west_rhino 15/11/11 11:50
    Our dear Mary Ann has been the subject or the re-re-re-re-re-renamed John Graham Altman Gag rule which is a STFU, we know you are going to drag out realities that the board doesn't want to face.

    I pray that Mary Ann's action echoes across the low country with a demand for reform.
  2. mg 15/11/11 20:26
    Damn west_rhino is alive.
  3. west_rhino 16/11/11 08:57
    mg, sometimes Brer Rabbit lay low and say nuthin', sometimes Brer Rabbit setting Brer Fox up to throw him into the briar patch.

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