Republicans fielding primary for Hutto's Senate seat?

Next year, Brad Hutto may face one of several Republican challengers for re-election to his six-county Senate District 40. The Blogland has learned that three Republicans are looking at running for Hutto's seat: Barnwell County GOP Chair Ben Kinlaw, Orangeburg County GOP Chair Jim Ulmer and Bill Connor, who ran a close second-place finish in the GOP run-off for Lt. Governor last year.

Among those we talked with was Kinlaw himself, who said planning was underway. He criticized Hutto, telling us "there is no other state senator that is a greater roadblock to the progress of our state, than Brad Hutto, he has to go."

Even more interesting is that all three candidates seem to be willing to take their chances in a primary to face Hutto in the fall. We've met with a number of GOP activists and attended a number of meetings where we've learned all three are organizing supporters and laying plans for Senate candidacies.

In a Senate District where GOP opposition is rare, seeing a three-way primary for the seat is even rarer. With rumors of a Democratic primary challenge to Hutto, the race for the seat, normally considered a ho-hum affair, could get downright interesting.

Stay tuned ...

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