Ron Paul no-show on Balanced Budget Amendment vote

Today's vote on a constitutional amendment mandating balanced budgets carried a large majority in the House - 261 for and 165 against, but fell 23 votes short of the required two-thirds majority needed to pass a Constitutional amendment.

In spite of campaigning for President as a strong fiscal conservative, House member Ron Paul (R-TX) was one of two Republicans who did not cast a vote on the amendment at all.

What's up with that?

Michele Bachmann, the other House member seeking the GOP nomination for President, returned from campaigning for the White House to vote for the amendment.

While the amendment was supported by the Democratic Blue Dog coalition, including many who represent swing and GOP-leaning districts, past BBA supporters in the current Democratic House leadership - Steny Hoyer (MD) and Jim Clyburn (SC) - joined the majority of House Democrats who voted against it.

3 Response to "Ron Paul no-show on Balanced Budget Amendment vote"

  1. Anonymous 19/11/11 12:39
    Paul's for balanced budget but not so much that he'd come to for it. Chances of it passing were slight that day -- but better than his chances of becoming President.
  2. freqlink 29/11/11 22:16
    This amendment was not worth coming to DC to vote. It does not cut spending, and that is what Ron Paul wants from our CUT SPENDING! This amendment would have allowed the goverment to grow through raising taxes and not really fixing the root of the problem.
    If people really want a President that stands for a TRUE balanced budget that doesn't just tax more so they can spend more, Ron Paul is your man.
  3. Anonymous 13/2/12 04:15
    Ron Paul's additional vote in the House when it passed overwhelmingly would have made no difference to getting it closer to passing. The Democrats led by Harry Reid will not pass a budget nor approve to balance a budget. They are determined to destroy this nation through large deficits.

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