Thad Viers playing with funny money?

In his bid for Congress, Myrtle Beach Republican Thad Viers has been making claims about robust fundraising in an effort to establish himself as the early "front-runner" in the race for the state's recently-created Seventh Congressional District. While Viers recently claimed to have reached "the $100,000 mark in just 57 days", reviewing the disclosure report that we received raised some serious questions about how much he is raising and how - as well as how much spin is involved.

Viers' campaign finance disclosure which was filed on October 15 indeed shows his campaign account received $113,996.83, but the report also shows that much of that came from Viers himself. Nearly thirty thousand of what he raised was in the form of a campaign loan and in-kind expenses by the candidate. Subtracting this amount would reduce his total to a much less robust number.

A review of his donor records also raised questions among some we spoke with he may be channeling additional funding through other individuals to create the impression his base of support is larger than it might really be. The practice of funnelling contributions, where money is passed through third parties to give to the campaign, has come under some scrutiny in South Carolina in recent months and it is highly illegal in federal campaigns. Earlier this year, a Delaware resident was convicted for funneling money into a number of Democratic campaigns, including that of Vice President Joe Biden, and a former lobbyist in Ohio was sentenced to 27 months in prison for making hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal campaign contributions.

Viers' campaign was contacted and asked to discuss these observations, but we received no response.

Ten thousand of the roughly eighty thousand dollars in donations which were actually received by the Viers campaign came from Emanuel and Beverly Stikas, who are also listed on the Georgetown County Clerk of Court website as defendants in several foreclosure actions. Several people we've spoken to have indicated these are the parents of Jill Kelso, a former Georgetown State House candidate (who we endorsed in 2008), who is currently serving as Viers' campaign manager.

Also, Viers received $4,000 from Bart Viers and $5,000 from Brenda Viers. Our sources indicated these are relatives of Viers.

Subtract these donations from interested parties, as well as Viers' direct funding, and his campaign's cash take ends up being about half what he reported raising - a sum hardly impressive for a Congressional candidate. Especially one who is trying to stand out among what is becoming a fast-growing Congressional field.

7 Response to "Thad Viers playing with funny money?"

  1. mg 21/11/11 18:32
    I feel the love all the way to Toronto.
  2. Anonymous 21/11/11 21:26
    Pretty funny reading Earl. I like it, but I've gotta warn you to watch your back, buddy.
  3. Anonymous 22/11/11 08:53
    You will pay for this dearly. Better be scared.
  4. Anonymous 22/11/11 11:48
    What the FUCK do you think you're talking about?
  5. mg 22/11/11 19:29
    I still feeling the love in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
  6. Anonymous 30/11/11 08:44
    Thad is gonna hire someone to skull f*#k your momma.
  7. Anonymous 17/12/11 16:03
    finally the chickens have come home to roost.

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