Visiting Lancaster, Florence & Darlington

The Blogland hit the road last weekend to see what was going on across South Carolina, hitting three political events Saturday afternoon and evening across the Pee Dee and Upstate in Lancaster, Florence and Darlington.

As always, we greatly appreciate the hospitality shown by the folks across South Carolina. Just about anywhere we go, we find friends and make new ones along the way. This Saturday run was certainly one of those kinds of weekend getaways.

Lancaster Tea Party
First stop was to visit with Winston Smith and the Lancaster Tea Party, well-known as one of the state's largest Tea Party groups, which held their annual fall event, featuing the usual large crowd and an insightful speech by special guest Hilmar von Campe, author of Defeating the Totalitarian Lie, as well as short addresses from several political and community figures from across the region. Smith opened the event by pointing out that from Lenin's Russia to Hitler's Germany to the present-day Obama agenda, every form of socialism involves sacrifice, often from certain groups which are scapegoated for being evil.

Then for a little fun, we drove down to Florence to check out the annual Pecan Festival. While we found scant evidence of pecans there, the place was packed and clearly the place to be in the Pee Dee region.

Right in the middle of it were the Florence County Republicans, shaking hands and talking with the crowd at their booth.
Gospel singers performing at
 the Darlington GOP event
Last stop was to visit with the Darlington County GOP's variety show fundraiser, featuring a variety of singers and comedians who kept the full-house crowd entertained late into the evening. It was well worth the five bucks for the entertainment, as well as the chance to meet some of the Blogland's readers in the Pee Dee region.

We want to thank a number of people for their hospitality on this weekend run: Le Flowers (Darlington Cty GOP Chair), Tommy Grimes (6th District GOP Chair),  Bill Pickle (Florence GOP Cty. Chair) and Winston Smith (Lancaster Tea Party leader).

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  1. Bill Pickle 13/12/11 06:51
    Come back and visit anytime. I enjoy a little political discussion, speculation and just plain old chit-chat. Congrats on you recent wedding!

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