Visiting Occupy Wall Street

Fellow blogger and Florence County GOP Chair Bill Pickle visited New York City last week, bringing back his reflections from a visit to the Occupy Wall Street bunch. He's written about the visit on his blog In The Pickle Barrel:

Like many other "protest", they are very unorganized as far as getting their message out to the public. I believe there is a difference between protesting just to be protesting and protesting with a definite, clearly defined goal(s).

The Occupy Wall Street group is just like most political groups and politicians. Each want to make changes. They state they will make changes. However, most of them lack the "what changes" and "how to make good, sustainable change" in their action plans.

Overall, the article makes for good reading, showing just how poorly-organized the group is - which might explain why some Democrat activists are integrating themselves into the Occupy movement. Lenin's followers did much the same thing in 1917 Russia, eventually toppling more moderate reformers after the Czar's abdication to launch a radical takeover of Russia.

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