Who really cares about fiscal restraint in South Carolina?

Tonight, the Blogland took some time to drop in on the North Charleston hearing held by the State Senate Judiciary Committee's Fiscal Fitness subcommittee.

While we're pleased the Senators took time off from their families and careers to attend the meeting (in attendance were Glenn McConnell, Jake Knotts, Gerald Malloy, Mike Rose and Phillip Shoopman, along with Bonnie Anzelmo and Sara Parrish from Judiciary Committee staff).

What was disappointing was that the Senators and news media people outnumbered attendees at the hearing, in spite of the meeting being publicized via the local news media.

The committee members are exploring a five point agenda, which McConnell promises to begin working on when the General Assembly returns in January:
  • Constitutional amendment to cap state spending
  • Establish a commission to advocate spending and fiscal reforms
  • Enact a Taxpayer Fairness Act
  • Deficit Prevention legislation
  • Legislation to protect trust funds

These are all good ideas and ones which are advocated by tea party groups activists around the state. We support them as well and commend McConnell and the other Senators for promoting these worthy ideas, but we're disappointed those who are demanding these reforms aren't taking the time to make their voices heard.

Next Tuesday, the subcommittee's tour wraps up in Aiken County:

Aiken Technical College,
Amphitheater 700-800 Building, Room 701
2276 Jefferson Davis Highway Graniteville, SC 29829

If you're concerned about what's going on, this your chance to put up or shut up.

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  1. Anonymous 1/12/11 10:26
    We're not talikng 'bout restraints with a goy in a leather kippah...

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