Small town strangeness, Part One: Foolishness in Wellford

For today's first tale of small town strangeness in South Carolina, we take you to Wellford, a small town in Spartanburg County which drew national attention a couple of years ago when their then-Mayor, Sallie Peake, directed that the town's police follow a "no chase" policy.

But it wasn't just what she said that drew attention, but how she said it that make this tale interesting. A TV interview of her rambling and disorganized attempt to defend the policy to a reporter she tried to dodge showcased just about everything wrong in speaking to an audience.

Now, the former Mayor, who railed in the video about wasting money, calling police chases "foolishness", was arrested, accused of engaging in another kind of foolishness involving taxpayer money:

According to warrants for her arrest, Peake misused funds and misappropriated town money beginning in 2008. She also hired undocumented workers and used them to renovate property that didn't belong to the town, the warrant states. Town money was used to pay the workers.

Before you get your hopes up, you need to know that Peake later rescinded the no-chase policy.

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