Clarendon Republicans meet, pick Romney in straw poll

The crowd at the monthly meeting of Clarendon County Republicans was standing-room only in Manning to see a number of speakers, including Rep. Alan Clemmons and representatives from several Presidential campaigns. Long-time GOP politico Moye Graham chaired the meeting with door prizes from Robert and Dawn Alt, owners of the Palms at Wyboo Plantation, a favorite regional hangout for Republicans.

Myrtle Beach State Representative Alan Clemmons addressed the audience, discussing the status of two ongoing election law issues: redistricting, which received Justice Department pre-clearance but is the subject of a lawsuit, and Voter ID, which has been denied approval by the Justice Department and is awaiting further legal action.

While speaking for the Rick Santorum campaign, Bill Connor, who lost a close race for Lt. Governor in the 2010 GOP run-off, announced his candidacy for the Sixth District Republican Party Chair. The current holder, Tom Grimes of Florence, will be vacating the office as his county is being moved into the state’s new Seventh Congressional District.

GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney won their straw poll with 39% of votes cast. Gingrich came in second with 17% and Santorum third with 12%. The straw poll also polled for Vice-President preferences with the top finishers being Rudy Giuliani with 14%, Marcio Rubio with 11% and Jeb Bush with 10%.

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  1. Moye Graham 13/1/12 17:38
    Thanks for coming and covering our meeting. It means a lot to the folks here.
  2. Anonymous 14/1/12 14:15
    Americans, please consider the delicate and serious condition of the America within which we grew up. It had business people who created products and services; it had loyalty to the American way of life; it had pride in the quality of home and community within which we all lived. It was in stark contract to the America we live in today. The definition of "Capitalism" we have come to accept has become a "quick buck" mentality. Jump in, take risk, create nothing, rob everyone then get out when the "getting is good," take a healthy profit and leave the debris behind...and this is what we praise as "capitalism?" That is no more capitalism than bootlegging. Newt Gingrigh understands this. He is not villainizing capitalism. He is villainizing the profiteers, those who smell blood-let of the small businessman or entrepreneur who created something or some service that was unique and needed but ran into hard times. These profiteers raid these companies, create nothing, put lipstick on the carcass, take out the profit and sell what's left as a promise, leaving behind families and communities destroyed - Friends, that is not capitalism, and all the Mitt Romney faithfuls out there cannot demonize Newt enough to make that true. America is great. We can be a great economic superpower again. But what we need is someone who will take on the special interests, who will demand that only those truly needy get the need that the generosity of the American people can and will provide; someone who will defy those who attempt to redistribute the product of success and hard work with those who only take and demand more. It is the time, today, right now, that we Americans must decide whether we are going to throw away the America we grew up with, or take back the America we once had. Please, consider these words when you cast your vote. Newt may rub some the wrong way because of his style, but his ideas and track record show that he can bring us back from the brink of extension. Please think about it long and hard.
  3. Moye Graham 14/1/12 18:24
    Well I thought about it and I am still supporting Mitt Romney for President. We should have had him the last time and we may not be in the mess me have right now.

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