Huntsman Town Hall in North Charleston

About 200 people turned out to North Charleston City Hall tonight for a Town Hall forum with Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman, the day after he finished third place in the New Hampshire primary.

Introducing Huntsman at the event was former Attorney General and SCGOP Chair Henry McMaster. McMaster praised his experience both as a two-term Governor in Utah as well as a business owner, praising Utah as "the best managed state in the nation" while Huntsman was Governor. Before Huntsman went into his opening remarks, he introduced his wife, Mary Kaye, allowing her to speak to the audience before Huntsman went into his stump speech.

Believing this to be the "most important election of our lifetime", he touted his experience as a business executive, as well as two-term Governor and Ambassador to China, saying "I was raised with the ethos of 'country first'" having served in various roles and offices under Presidents Reagan, Bush and Obama.

Asking the audience "when is the last time we've talked about growth in our country", much of his speech focused on several issues: fiscal reforms, defense realignment, energy indepedence and job creation.

Like those who turn out at Ron Paul events, the audience was almost entirely made up of people we've not seen at local and regional GOP events. Given the short notice and his low standing in South Carolina polls, we'd expected to see a much lower turnout at the event.

Questions from the audience included political subjects (defense, relations with China and education) and personal (about his father and his recent performance on the David Letterman show).

Check out his rock band photo, where he's on the top right. We think he looked a lot like Don Dokken did back in the 80s.

2 Response to "Huntsman Town Hall in North Charleston"

  1. david 12/1/12 02:45
    I was at the meeting. The man had plants in the audience that had him talking about his favorite jazz musician and how much he loves his daddy...i walked out because of the imbecilic nature of the forum....
  2. earlcapps 12/1/12 03:06
    Usually I'M the critical one here.

    I didn't find the presentation too exciting. His speech needed to be shorter and have more specifics, which have helped allow for more questions (had there been any). I teach public speaking at the college level and it wasn't the best stump speech I've seen, that's for sure

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