Jim Clyburn sleeping during State of the Union?

We couldn't help but want to run this photo, which shows Sixth District Congressman Jim "JC Hammer" Clyburn sound asleep, reportedly during the State of the Union address.

We think it speaks for itself.

It's ok. We didn't see much exciting in his speech either.

11 Response to "Jim Clyburn sleeping during State of the Union?"

  1. June Brailsford 26/1/12 12:09
    You're right Earl. The picture speaks for it self.
  2. KR 26/1/12 18:49
    he was writing you loser!!!
  3. Bill 26/1/12 20:30
    I'm from SC, and Jim Clyburn is the biggest embarrassment to the state that we have ever had. When he speaks on TV, I wish the station would either mute the sound, or block out the -SC after the D.
  4. Anonymous 26/1/12 20:52
    Requires No Comment, Stevie Wonder can see that.
  5. earlcapps 26/1/12 21:50
    KR, even if that's the case, it's still disrepectful of a speaker to not pay attention during a speech. I cover that in the Listening chapter of the text in the Public Speaking classes I teach.
  6. J Duncan 27/1/12 06:21
    It speaks for itself you would deliberately lie about the Congressman.
  7. earlcapps 27/1/12 07:54
    Members of Congress, as are the news media, are provided the texts of major speeches in advance of the event. So tell me why Clyburn would need to be writing anything down? Do you see anyone else taking notes?
  8. west_rhino 27/1/12 09:54
    KR can Clyburn spell "you loser"?
  9. west_rhino 27/1/12 09:56
    Of course, Jimmy could be, like so many in footbll stadiums in SC pouring hisself a little bourbon, while ducking behind the row in front of him.
  10. ethan rivera 28/1/12 16:26
    Hey, I wondered who put this on facebook for you to see?
  11. earlcapps 28/1/12 16:34
    It some Ethan guy from Florence. You ever go that way, buy him a drink for us.

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