Mitt Romney for President

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NOTE: The Blogland re-endorsed Romney for the general election. If you want to see the updated endorsement, read here.

The United States faces major challenges both at home and abroad. A stagnant economy has left many Americans convinced things are worse than before Obama took office, while growing interference from the federal government stifles economic growth and a growing debt has funded a series of failed initiatives while providing unprecedented incentives for people not to return to work. Around the world, our nation has lost credibility as our military strength and our will to use it effectively have diminished and our foreign policy grown less decisive.

As the Obama administration lacks the willingness and vision needed to address these growing problems, it’s time for a new President who will take them more seriously and who has the background and leadership ability to get results.

In this year’s Republican Primary, the Blogland has watched the evolving field of candidates, attended many events with the candidates and their representatives and absorbed far more information about them than human beings should be exposed to. After careful consideration, the Blogland will support former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney for the nomination.

Mitt Romney has a record of executive experience, both in the private sector and in government. He has had to operate with finite budgets, make tough decisions and take responsibility for achieving results. This kind of real-world experience is sorely needed in Washington.

We were impressed by Romney’s solid grasp of issues and his ability to discuss problems in detail, while proposing specific approaches to solving those problems. His campaign messages, which call for reining in spending, addressing long-term issues such as Social Security, applying thoughtful approach to build a larger and more effective military and laying a foundation for a stronger economy through workforce and education policy reforms, smart infrastructure enhancement while keeping organized labor in check, are right on with what the Blogland believes to be the most pressing problems, as well as the kinds of smart solutions which are needed to address them.

As a businessman, Romney helped reorganize and turn around a number of businesses. In the public arena, he led efforts to save the faltering Salt Lake City Winter Olympics and wiped out a $3 billion deficit as Governor of Massachusetts. His proven ability to be a "fix-it man" in a wide range of settings is greatly needed to straighten up the many messes created by the current administration.

We also like Texas Governor Rick Perry, but polling consistently shows Perry can't win the nomination, much less the general election. Not only that, but questions have been raised about whether the American people are ready to elect another Texas governor so soon after the Bush administration, especially since Perry served as Lieutenant Governor under Bush. That may not be fair to Perry, but voters don’t always consider what is fair in making a decision.

While Newt Gingrich is one of the most intellectual figures in the history of the Republican Party, he has often fumbled the leadership ball, as evidenced by a number of controversial statements as well as his short tenure as Speaker of the House, which left many of his fellow House Republicans disgruntled and plotting a coup. That tenure saw Gingrich hold the highest negative ratings for a House Speaker until Nancy Pelosi came along. Republicans can't risk more mangled Gingrich soundbites being used against them in fall attack ads - something which Democrats did with great effect in the 1996 Presidential election.

The other candidates – Ron Paul and Rick Santorum – are too extreme for swing voters to consider in the fall contest, thus unelectable. Also, we’re concerned that Santorum’s ethical questions would be fodder for a billion-dollar Obama attack campaign.

While conservatives are the largest bloc of voters, they are not the majority of voters. Thus the winning candidate must unite a coalition of voters from their party's base and indepedent voters from the center. Time and time again, polling has shown Romney as the candidate who best appeals to those essential independents. Republicans can choose purism and risk four more years of Obama's extremist liberal agenda being shoved upon them, or go with the more certain shot at winning that Romney offers.

History shows that Presidents rarely defy their party's base, meaning that if Republicans can hold the House and gain the Senate this year, any Republican President would be just as friendly as any other to signing off on conservative legislation. Thus there is no reason to believe that Romney would be a threat to his fellow Republicans if elected.

Mitt Romney has shown the depth of knowledge needed to make sound policy decisions, a willingness to apply logic instead of shallow rhetoric to solve problems, proven business leadership and the ability to appeal to swing voters. Of all the candidates, he has the best potential to win the White House, as well as to do the hard work needed to bring real change to Washinton and get our nation back on track. Thus he is our pick in this month’s Republican Primary for President.

9 Response to "Mitt Romney for President"

  1. Anonymous 18/1/12 09:25
    Hooray! Glad you're on the team!
  2. Anonymous 18/1/12 09:28
    RINO bullshit
  3. Anonymous 18/1/12 10:53
    A jew. Figures.
  4. June Brailsford 18/1/12 16:38
    Earl, I agree with you. He has the qualities to make sound decisions. I think it took a lot of us a while to decide who to support. Several of the candidates stood out, but down the road I think Romney can defeat Obama and we definitely want that.
  5. Moye Graham 18/1/12 20:19
    Great choice Earl.
  6. Anonymous 19/1/12 22:23
    You people are all morons, You have been fed a bill of goods that the GOP is in your corner when they just support the 1% richest in this country. Pull you head out of your ass. President Obama has had to deal with the worst economy since the great depression and two wars supported by George Bush Tax cuts. Your are all fools.
  7. Lynne 20/1/12 07:12
    I lived in Massachusetts while Romney was governor. He is *not* conservative.
  8. June Brailsford 20/1/12 11:29
    I didn't realize South Carolina had so many ostriches with their heads buried in the sand. In addition, they identify themselves as anonymous.
  9. Anonymous 29/8/12 00:27
    Those are all excuses that Obama gave you. Yes, Obama came in at the start of recession, when debt was "only" 10 million, which was accumulated over decades. Now, we're at FIFTEEN TRILLION. All he has to show for it is excuses.

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