Newt Gingrich's Ego Problem

Today's Newt Gingrich event in Florence showed Gingrich as his usual strong, outspoken self. But it also showed how big his ego could get, as he sought to consolidate the support of conservative Republicans behind his candidacy, telling the audience that "a vote for Santorum or Perry is wasted", criticizing fellow GOP candidate Mitt Romney as a moderate who Repubicans should unite against.

He also made sure audience members knew that Santorum "lost his state by the biggest margin of history". It's true, but it was hardly a generous gesture to the Santorum voters he was trying to talk into supporting him.

So why does Gingrich think he is "The One" for conservatives and all others are lost causes?

While both past results and present polling show Rick Perry's campaign is struggling to establish relevancy, there's plenty of reason to argue that Rick Santorum is still waging a viable candidacy, at least when compared to Gingrich.

In the most recent average of national polling on Real Clear Politics, Gingrich barely led the anti-Romney vote with about half the poll share of Romney. While Romney's average was 31.4 percent, Gingrich averaged 16.3 percent to Santorum's 14.4 percent, putting him right behind Gingrich. Ron Paul followed with 13.4 percent and Perry at 7.0 percent.

Also, Santorum left Gingrich in the dust in Iowa, finishing a close second (and maybe first) while Gingrich finished a distant fourth place. In New Hampshire, Santorum finished ahead of Gingrich, finishing fourth and fifth places respectively.

While Santorum is polling behind Gingrich in the upcoming South Carolina and Florida contests, Santorum would still have bested Gingrich in two of four states. Combined with their relatively close position in national polling, Gingrich is hardly the clear "front-runner" of the also-ran candidates - at least not yet.

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  1. Louise Bingham 17/1/12 21:35
    I attended the Jan. 14 - 16 SCGOP Presidential meetings and information seminars, GOP Presidential Kick-off in Myrtle Beach and the Monday night debate covered by Fox News. I am no longer an undecided voter. Newt Gingrich will get my vote! He is by far the most qualified and experienced man of all the candidates. Newt is a man who says what he believes and means what he says. Unfortunately, some misinterpret his wit and candor. We do not need another president that has to have a teleprompter to talk. We need a STRONG man who can talk not only from his head, but also from his heart and knows how to lead our country out of this mess we and our loved ones are in. The fate of America and the World is hanging in the balances! We are on the verge of a One World Government and the End of the Age!

    "We are in the last few seconds of the Game. We have perhaps only 1 chance to choose the best man for the extra point that will give us a little more time before all Hell breaks loose on this Earth"

    The choice is ours. May God help us to choose wisely.
  2. Anonymous 18/1/12 02:00
    Louise, I'm guessing you weren't around in the 1990s, which was the last time he self-destructed. Look around and you'll see most of his fans were around back then, which might tell you something. That is if you're listening.
  3. Louise Bingham 18/1/12 22:27
    I know about the wrongs of Gingrich and I also know about the wrongs of the other candidates running for President. Don't know everything, but what I do know is sufficient info. I was born in 1947 and am fairly intelligent. I am an avid reader,love history, reading the bible, and Fox News. I used to flip flop news channels and then realized Fox News presents the true News. King David, the 2nd King of Israel, messed up bad time. He lusted after a man's wife, committed adultery, and then arranged to have the man killed in battle. But God later used him mightily. God called him a "Man after his own Heart". In other words God really loved David and had a job for him in spite of his failures. God wanted him to be the leader of his people and forgave his sin.

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