GOP primary battle for 8th Circuit Solicitor's office

A nasty GOP primary battle seems to be shaping up in the 8th Circuit Solicitor's race, with three Republicans in the race and rumors that more may join the race.

Thus far, incumbent Jerry Peace faces two challengers: David Stumbo, a prosecutor whose resume includes several years in the state Attorney General's office as well as an assistant solicitor in the 11th Circuit, and Ben Shealy, an attorney in private practice who previously worked as a prosecutor in the Eighth and Thirteenth Judicial Circuits.

Voting Under The Influence has weighed in on the race, warning of

... very well placed interests who want to keep Peace in his job. But, Stumbo presents a challenge like no other. Though they will not officially say so, there are real people with influence who are tired of Mr. Peace and how Mr. Peace does things. Mr. Stumbo, with his resume and earnest efforts, gives such folks a real choice in the Republican primary.

Reportedly other Republican candidates are organizing campaigns for the seat as well. We're sure this race will see a lot of fireworks and we'll be sure to keep you posted on this race as it develops.

The 8th Circuit covers Laurens, Newberry, Greenwood, and Abbeville Counties.

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